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 17x44 Alweld w/ GDSD 
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Post 17x44 Alweld w/ GDSD
Owned this rig for about 4 years now. Know how it runs. Have some mods to the boat and motor. Motor runs around 3850-3950 rpms on all loads

MM Brand:go devil
Horsepower:35 , decked heads .040, pvt cam, gutted stocker with a stock prop that is toast
Boat Brand: alweld (LA flat, has ribs on bottom)
Boat Size:17x44 , 100 gauge
Boat Layout: has back bench and normal size front deck

Speeds | Shallow Water:
Speeds | Deep Water: 30-32
Total Boat Load With Gear Etc: myself (195) 6gal of gas. Very empty boat.
Conditions Tested In: very strong south wind but I was on a bayou that had minimal protected waters. Choppy at times

Comments: this where my very first run after mods were installed (decked heads .040/ minimal p&p work, pvt cam, stock carb) boat was purposing terribly and I could not hold onto the tiller safely, killing my arm to hold prop in the water. Had to put down my Garmin hand held down and just drive. Reset the trip computer and my Max speed was 32, but I held 30 most of the time.

MM Brand:same
Boat Brand:same
Boat Size:same
Boat Layout:same

Speeds | Shallow Water: n/a
Speeds | Deep Water: 25
Total Boat Load With Gear Etc: 4 guys (195,185,215,225) 4 dozen deeks, two 14’ pirogues, guns and gear.
Conditions Tested In: Stayed in canal that is prolly 2’ deep, No wind to fight, minimal chop on water.

Comments: this was my heaviest load that I haul on a public land hunting trip. I’ve had the same load with lighter people and still ran 25.


MM Brand:same
Boat Brand:same
Boat Size:same
Boat Layout:same

Speeds | Shallow Water: 21-22
Speeds | Deep Water: N/A
Total Boat Load With Gear Etc: 5 guys (195,225,215,200,205) no decoys, but did have guns and gear.
Conditions Tested In: small canal that had several hundred yards of shallow water where I felt the boat lift

Comments: my heaviest load on a private lease. Maybe could’ve moved weight around but not really concerned.

Anytime with 3-4 guys and a hunt load I don’t have much room for error. Water is inches from coming over rail in back of boat. I was told The pvt cam pulls in the higher rpm range , but I can say that doing that cam and heads made the bottom end pull great with a load. So I’m wondering how much more I’d be impressed with a cam that is actually made for bottom end grunt.
Stock motor would take a little longer to plane the 4man hunt load and still run 20-22 in shallow/deep water.
All in all this size boat is nice, but I definitely think I’d go 1’ longer and maybe a 48-50” bottom. I would like to think have more room to displace the weight would make it run faster but that’s just that theory. A bigger boat that is built heavier may end up running near the same speeds as a tin can boat like I have if both had the same load.

I hardly ever hunt or fish by myself so those speeds are useless to me.

I will also say mods made an easy 3mph difference with loaded conditions. Can’t really say on top end because I didn’t experiment much.

Almost forgot, I had some bad hooks at back by transom and I filled them in with fasco, the motor was off the boat while I put the filler on so didn’t get to have a comparison of before and after hook filling. But I do know that the water coming from the bottom of the boat wasn’t splashing anymore like I was dragging sticks or something

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